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Individual Thearpy

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy (sometimes called “psychotherapy” or “counseling”) is a process through which clients work one-on-one with a trained professional—in a safe, caring, and confidential environment—to explore their feelings, beliefs, or behaviors, work through challenging or influential memories, identify aspects of their lives that they would like to change, better understand themselves and others, set personal goals, and work toward desired change.

People seek therapy for a wide variety of reasons, from coping with major life challenges or childhood trauma, dealing with depression, anxiety, or addictions,  to simply desiring personal growth and greater self-knowledge. A client and professional may work together for as few as five or six sessions or as long as several years, depending on the client’s unique needs and personal goals for counseling.

Individual therapy is available for 45-50 minute or 80 minute sessions. 

Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy

Group Therapy

Couples counseling is a process through which a couple (who may be engaged, dating, married, partnered—or sometimes even parent and child or other pairings) works with someone trained to identify specific areas of conflict and/or aspects of their relationship they would like to change, and then develops a plan of action to improve each individual’s satisfaction and contentment.

Working in a safe and confidential setting allows couples to explore how their individual backgrounds, beliefs, thoughts, and behaviors may be impacting their relationship in both positive and negative ways. Couple's may be assisted with addressing any immediate and pressing problems, as well as developing strategies for protecting and enhancing the long-term health and happiness of their relationship.

Counseling Goals for Couples Might Include:

  • Enhancing Communication Skills

  • Improving Problem Solving Skills

  • Effective Conflict Resolution

  • Understanding and Implementing the Dynamics of Healthy Relationships

  • Affair Recovery & Healing from Betrayal

  • Learning to Develop a Deepened sense of Emotional and Sexual Intimacy within the coupleship

  • Healing the Hurt that Results from Addictions

Couples therapy is available for 45-50 minute or 90 minute sessions

Group Therapy

Group therapy is a process through which a small group of people (generally six to ten) meet face-to-face with a trained group therapist to talk about a particular issue with which all of them is struggling—such as grief/bereavement, anger management, healing from addictions, eating disorders, living with chronic depression or anxiety, recovering from childhood trauma, etc.


Under the direction of the group facilitator, members share and explore their feelings and behaviors, hear different points of view and coping strategies, and receive encouragement from others facing similar issues. Group therapy provides participants a powerful opportunity to share and learn from others in a safe and supportive environment while working toward healing and change.

A typical group will last from one to two hours.

Local and Remote Sessions


All clinicians in our office offer in person sessions. Telehealth can be offered if requested by the client. 

Remote Sessions

For clients still living in Tennessee, but too far away, counseling sessions are conducted by telehealth.  Webcam required.

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